Understanding What Branding Means.

Previously, we discussed the reasons for using branding and why it is so important you get it right.

Many marketers never achieve an understanding of this and so they never reach their full potential. If your only ambition is to sell products it is only too likely that your brand will be uninspiring. Your people will not be entranced by flare or inspiration. No one will be interested in choosing you to be their ‘go-to person’ or to buy from you instead of someone else.

We have all been associated with businesses like that. They are ‘vanilla’. Bland, unimaginative and devoid of real passion.

If you think of brands that you love, you will find they are certainly not like that. They will be driven to excel by strong motivation and a business culture that resonates with you.

Perhaps you are a coffee buff and really know a good bean from a bad bean. You will be drawn to a supplier that purchases only the best harvest. It is more than likely they will do their own roasting and blending to the highest standards, taking pride in expert brewing under immaculately clean conditions. Without a doubt, they will be aware of the difficulties experienced by plantation owners and workers, so they will be active in improving conditions and offering practical support.

This dedication and enthusiasm makes you keen to give them your business and you will make an extra effort to use their services. You will be eager to try out new products they introduce and you will be excited to take their recommendations on board.

I am sure you can add to this example from your personal experience. Think about it and you will grasp the point completely.


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Putting Your Branding Out There

It’s a two-part tale, however. You can have all the passion in the world and the most inspiring mission statement ever developed. Sadly, if it is just sitting on the table and no one gets to know about it, it is all for nothing.

So now you have to spread the word to your people. You have to persuade them that your message is for real, convincing them that you are believable, trustworthy and the ‘real thing’.

But how do you communicate your message so that people can appreciate what your brand is all about?

A good first step is to have a logo and a company name that tells your public who you are and what you do.

At this stage you should know who your target market is and you should endeavor to design your name and logo to resonate with them. Never try to please everyone. Narrow your audience down to one person and speak to that individual.

If you can pull this off, when anyone in your target market sees one of your products or a blog post allied with your name and logo, they will recognize it. They will identify it as connected to a brand they know, like and which they can trust. They will be prompted to take the time to check it out. They will make a purchase!

The rest is up to you…



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