What Makes a Successful Internet Marketer?

Internet marketers, successful marketers who are multi-millionaires are an increasingly common sight on our screens – at least to those of us who aspire to a career in internet marketing.  This is especially true if one’s chosen field is affiliate marketing, with connections to one of the large networks such as Empower, or MOBE. One soon becomes accustomed to the sight of these ‘gurus’ giving advice, offering coaching, or promoting their products and/or services through Facebook, web-sites or by E-mail.  The cold truth is, though, that for every one of these amazing successes, there are dozens of failures – people who have invested cash and time into learning the skills of their chosen trade, but who have been unable to find success at any price. What is the difference, here? What is it that those who are successful have, that the others don’t?

Let’s Find Out

#1 A Successful Marketer Develops a Great Relationship with his Customers

This applies to all fields of marketing and not only on the internet. Knowing your customer, his wants, his needs and his fears is the basis of any successful campaign. Without proper research at the beginning, you will fail to choose the right product or to offer the right kind of service and thus you will not be able to meet your customers’ needs. It is only by offering the correct solution to your customers’ problems that you will achieve conversions.

 Good marketers spend time and money researching their avatars, studying demographics and discovering what it is their customers need them to provide. These good marketers become successful marketers.

#2 A Successful Marketer Treats His Customer with Respect and Care

You may be surprised when you read this, as often the perception of an internet marketer is of a person that is a bit of a rogue, a ‘rip-off merchant’ who is only interested in turning over a quick dollar. God knows, this is indeed often the case. But here we are learning about the things that set a successful marketer apart from the herd and this is one of the most important. A successful marketer treats his customers well, always being careful to offer true value and to provide quality in every way. This applies to information, physical products, digital products or coaching – whatever he or she is marketing at the time. Building up trust with the purchaser, constantly striving for customer satisfaction – those are the things that drive the cool millionaire marketer in the internet world of today.

Set goals, be focused and methodical#3 Well Focused Goals are Set and Met

The road to disaster is trying to work without well-defined goals which give focus to your working day and your business plan. Working in this way means that you work productively rather than being constantly distracted. Top marketers recognise this. They create and pursue narrowly focused goals that contribute largely to the success of their business.

#4 Short Term Failures are Not Considered a Reason for Giving Up

Listening to the stories of many of the top marketers will demonstrate that most of them experienced multiple failures before enjoying the fruits of success. Those who did not give up, but who picked themselves up and struggled on in the belief that they just could NOT fail, were the ones that reached the winning post. It is this self- belief and the refusal to ‘give-in’ that sets such individuals apart. They use failure as an opportunity to learn and to increase their understanding, strengthening their resolve and dedication

#5 Successful Marketers Listen to Their Customers

You might say that this relates to several of the above characteristics.  Listening to your customers, something that good marketers do, is part of the process that offers value. This reveals needs and wants and treats customers with respect. The most successful are constantly in communication with their list-members. They offer webinars, attend meetings and seminars and talk to everyone. They provide various ways for their people to be able to contact them and they listen. Listening is learning and this type of learning has far more meaning than anything you may read in a book or watch on a video.

The best insights come from face-to-face encounters.

#6 He Works All the Hours He Is Able

To achieve the dizzy heights of which we speak, working all hours day and night are part of the deal. Total dedication and commitment are required along with a total belief in the business. Part-time is possible for average returns, but not for the big stuff.

#7 He Is Ready to Accept That He Can Make Mistakes

Not only will he acknowledge errors, he will use them as learning opportunities and profit from them. Our successful marketer will constantly be reviewing his business. He or she will be analysing theories and processes, tweaking systems and testing every decision that has been made.

Successful marketers deserve their success. They work for it. Approximately 93% of on-line businesses fail which is rather daunting news if you are just starting out, but really, there is no magic. There is just hard graft, the will to make it all come together and the mind-set that says, “Failure is not an option.”

#8 A Successful Marketer is Constantly Learning and Developing His Skills

The use of a mentor and attendance at marketing events and seminars, usually at enormous cost, are considered mandatory. Top earners are always looking for ways to boost their personal development, to learn new techniques and systems and to improve their own business acumen.


successful marketer

To end, I quote Shaqir Hussyin, one of the younger generation who has proved his worth time and again in the internet world. A real ‘top earner,’ a genuine human being and a good laugh!

“Success is not something you just wake up and get, it’s something you need to work your ass off for. It’s something 90% of the population don’t do and that’s why they suffer from financial obligations and are usually broke and short of money. That leads to a fear-based, scarcity minded existence.”


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    • Noel Evora

      Great post Barbara! It’s an important reminder of the mission we have to accomplish as a successful marketer. Money will be the by-product of our success. We have to educate, inspire and motivate. This is the greatest reward. If we do that we will be successful.

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