Generating traffic will become the driving force in your life, whatever you decide to do to make money – that is if that is your aim. (Personal blogs for family and friends are excluded.)

No traffic simply means no anything.”

However, let us work on the premise that you do want to make money, so getting traffic and leads will be of prime importance to you. You will need to decide if you want to purchase  traffic, or to chase free traffic and either way, there are different approaches to consider.

Take care here. Do not allow yourself to become confused. Check out your options, read about them and then decide which you prefer. Concentrate on one method only for at least 3 months, give it a fair shot and then move on if you are not satisfied.

For a broad overview, check out this great infographic from Norm Bond.


How to Get Traffic for Newbies
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    • NetwoozyGal

      I agree Peter. Fact is… if you can include all of those things you’ll be heading in the right direction for traffic. One thing people often missunderstand is Paid Traffic.

      Fact is… if you get your traffic to convert, you can take that paid traffic and make money on it. Free traffic requires time to grow and it can be more costly in your time and energy efforts, not to mention outsourcing.

      I learned the hard way, but once I began using ads, and learned how to convert my traffic into sales… 6 months later I was in 10k monthly income growing to double that by the end of the year. 

      So, consider your options, paid vs free? I’ll take paid any day of the week. 😉

    • Peter Beckenham

      Hey Barbara what a eally great infographic. There is no doubt traffic is considered by so many online marketers to be the VERY thing that either makes them or breaks them. 

      However, I would add that not all traffic is equal and you really should be focussed only on “targeted” traffic, paid or free. 

      Plus there is no point in driving lots of targeted traffic if your website/landing page/offer canot convert it into sales. The focus for everyone should be targeted traffic PLUS coversions  – the later requires an effective saes funnel

    • TBradford

      Love the info graphic. Traffic is gold when you are building your business.

    • BrianGibbs

      Thanks, Barbara. This infographic spells it all out. My best piece of advice is to pick one method and run with it for a while before moving on to another. Your thoughts?

    • barsyb

      PaulConway Same here, Paul, or at least I am trying to gain expertise in using Facebook and I have bought some traffic also. Not a lot, mind you, just a bit to give me a bit of a boost.  Have you ever used Bing?

    • PaulConway

      Hey Barbara great MEME – I have tried them all and some more at one time or another. I have at last set on one method and just working at getting better.

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