How to Build a Solid Presence In Social Media

Each day, more than 2 billion people log on and use some aspect of the social media network. There is absolutely no question that your success as an entrepreneur will partly be determined by the role that you assign to social media and the ways that you find to leverage it to your advantage.

Sadly, regardless of the opportunities that social media offers, many entrepreneurs still find it difficult to create and maintain a robust social media presence. Here are some ideas that may inspire you and keep you on the right path.


1. Create a plan

Before doing anything else, take the time to consider exactly what it is you want to achieve. Write down your goals and use them as the framework for your plan of action. Only when this plan is in place, will you be ready to determine how you will build your profile and how you will use your presence on the social media platforms.


2. Offer information of exceptional value to the people who follow you.

This is vital if you want to develop a strong social media presence that will resonate with your readers. Information should be useful and should add value to their experience. Take advantage of any knowledge that you have and post the sort of content that people are hungry for. If you are consistent, people will start looking for your next post, keen to see what you have to offer. Your task is to make sure it is useful and relevant. As a bonus, your post will have a good chance of being shared across other social media platforms – thus widening your audience.
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3. Familiarise yourself with your target audience

Do you know who you are trying to reach? There are so many consumers across the range of social media platforms that it is vital to narrow down the focus of your efforts. Not everyone will identify with you or your brand, so know your target audience in some depth so that you can channel all your efforts into building a strong relationship with them.


4. Be consistent.

Without doubt consistency is the all-important factor when building the solid foundation needed for success.

What does this mean? Providing consistency means that your audience will have a chance to learn what you are all about and what they can expect from you.

Every aspect of your plan should be implemented on a regular basis and must be of a given quality. So – you must post at planned intervals. Do not suddenly flood your site with a dozen posts on one day and then post nothing for the next week. Far better to post, say, twice each day without fail.

You must be consistent in the quality of your posts and in the relevance and importance of your content. Present valuable, quality content every time – if you post a meme, make sure it is the best meme.

At the risk of repeating myself – you must  be consistent when engaging your readers so that they come to know what to expect from  you and can learn to trust you.

Your reward is that you can now grow your presence in social media.


Just a final word – you may be surprised at the lack of complexity here. It is just not as difficult as many people think.

The magic happens when you stick to a strategy and (once again) are consistent.  Then, you will make your break-through.

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