Networking – the social whirl of a marketer.

For an incredible experience, packed with phenomenal learning opportunities and chances to keep up your networking, you’d be hard pushed to beat a workshop or seminar hosted by a credible company which operates in your niche. Of course, if your niche is network  or digital marketing in one or more of its aspects, you will be spoiled for choice.

There are many live events held each year by both large and small companies and it just takes a little research to find one that is suitable for your requirements – one that will help you develop your business and take it to the next level.

If you are fortunate enough to work with a company with clout you may find that they will be hosting these functions themselves. The benefits here are immense, as the whole program will possibly be targeted to the needs of their affiliates, i.e. YOU.

In any case, the best way to start is to spend some time analyzing your problems, the areas where you need help, and then look for an event that offers solutions within that area.

Important Benefits of Seminars.

networkingNetworking is one of the first tier benefits of events such as this. I am including making contacts that may well become important on a personal level, as well as connections that will be of benefit to you in your business. For new-comers, net-working, or meeting with like-minded people is really important.

Working on-line can be lonely and we need our morale boosting as it is only too easy to feel isolated and ‘down.’  This is especially true if we do not have the support of our family and friends. It is tough not having someone to swap stories and ideas with and our challenges cannot be readily  understood by someone who is not involved. The relief at finding a colleague who lives close by, who has similar issues to deal with and who is happy to have the odd coffee and chat is wonderful. We tend to under-estimate the importance of in-office communication – the chats in the canteen, the drinks after work and the parties and nights-out at weekends.

The old saying goes that we are the sum of the five people nearest to us. Doesn’t it make sense to arrange that at least one of these is a top achiever in your field?

attending a seminarIf big seminars are rather more than you can manage initially, be aware that there are many local business networks that meet regularly. They are only too pleased to welcome new members.

While the speakers may not be quite as renowned and the problems discussed may not exactly tie in with your own, you will still be meeting new people and developing relationships. This can only improve your standing and build your brand. It is good experience too, as there you will be ‘a business owner’, not just someone who ‘fiddles on the computer all day’.

The total ‘live event’ experience should leave you confident that your newly acquired knowledge will lift you and your business to the next level. You should expect to leave with fresh inspiration and motivation. Interaction with the top performers in the field who are happy to pass on their new ideas and strategies is an exhilarating experience.

And this brings us back to the beginning, where we discussed the wonderful friendships and business partnerships that are often born through the networking at these live events. So – networking, learning and inspiration. Three reasons why attending live events is a really important part of building an online business.

This is fertile ground in more ways than one.


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