You Are Keen to Start – But Where?

Choosing trustworthy business partners is all important


I am an Affiliate Marketer, I sell products on behalf of my business partners and I earn a commission. This type of business may not suit you at all, but it is what I do.

Often, the main problem when deciding  to do something online is a lack of understanding of the ‘first steps’ you need to take for example, choosing a suitable business model.

Questions will revolve in your head…

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  • What is involved in working online
  • What sort of opportunities are available
  • What skills do I need
  • Where do I go to learn

Then, after some research.


  • How do I get around my lack of tech know-how?
  • Can I make money with a blog?
  • What is internet marketing all about?
  • Can I make money on-line? I’ve tried everything before.
  • What about leads?
  • Do I really need a list?
  • It’s all just so confusing.
  • Is it my age?
  • I do not know anything about social media


Confusion does reign and the way to work around this is to find some way of resolving each of your queries one by one.


  • You can do this by working with someone who has already gone down the path and who can advise you on an informal basis. These are often known as ‘sponsors’, or friends.
  • You could choose business partners that offer training or coaching in their particular system.
  • You could look for a mentor – someone you can trust who has proven success in the industry.
  • Or you can bang on by yourself getting information from YouTube, the internet and a variety of other sources, who may well know nothing much at all.


I chose to work with business partners who offered coaching and instruction to their members. Here are the business partners I work with:


  • MOBE  (My Online Business Education)
  • Tecademics
  • Four Percent


Two of these companies sell courses and texts that offer training for owners of businesses who want to add digital marketing to their tool box. Others want to learn how to build a business exclusively online. There is a wide market for these products which is growing constantly.

The third is an affiliate marketing platform, providing a means of earning passive, residual income to support the members’ online adventures. These programs offer excellent training and coaching that will show you how you can make money online. You have a chance to create prosperity for you and your family in the future, some allowing you to ‘earn as you learn’

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Meanwhile, here are three different solutions for you to investigate. Take some time and decide if you feel comfortable with any of them. These are trusted and well-tried programs that I know well and if I can help you by answering any questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact me. If you decide they do not suit you, there is no problem. We can point  you in other directions to find other opportunities that may be more to your liking.

Mobe offers a trial period for one month and a money back guarantee. Tecademics and Four Percent have a free membership status which is a great benefit as you can really get to understand the company before you make any decisions.

A word of caution, though. These programs offer ‘systems’ – ways of doing things that experts have tested and found are successful.

If you have some experience, it is really easy to fall into the trap of thinking, ‘Ah – I know about that. I think the way that ‘Bill’ taught me is better!’ and off you go on your own path.

To be brutally frank, and speaking from personal experience, having this attitude is one of the most common reasons for failure.

So – if you are not inclined to follow instructions, you may need to change your way of working, at least until you see some success – then you will have the confidence and expertise to change the system if you decide it needs it.

To quote the Founder and CEO of Four Percent:

Systems Work. People Fail.