or ‘My Own Business Education’, is renowned for offering information-rich seminars and masterminds that cater to all levels of the vibrant and generous MOBE community. The IM Freedom Workshop is the first of these, targeted at those who are considering starting a career in Mobe either as an affiliate or as a licence-holder. No expense is spared in ensuring that the surroundings are the best  and that the speakers are world-class – all of them are experienced and successful marketers as well as being leaders of  the field about which they are speaking.

So the beginning, for most people who are interested in the opportunities offered by the MOBE system, is attending the IM Freedom Workshop.

IM Freedom Workshop
I took my husband so he could learn what I was on about…

There is no cost for this 2-hour workshop which shows you how to get started in the business of Internet Marketing.  It introduces the MOBE business system to those who are interested in learning about affiliating with MOBE on a regular basis or those who are interested in selling high-end products – a somewhat specialized area.

Attendees are also introduced to the Home Business Summit, which is a 3-day workshop held a couple of weeks after the Freedom Workshop.

The speakers are of international standing, all highly successful marketers and in some cases they could also be a MOBE coach. Often lasting friendships are forged in these workshops. New acquaintances sign up, then climb the ladder together, helping and providing support for each other over the months and years to come.

These workshops are held all over the world and their  frequency and the choice of venue is constantly  expanding.

tb-im-freedom-workshopIM Freedom Workshop is a FREE, LIVE 2 Hour Workshop designed to show you how to build and grow a profitable online business.

There is a lot of information online which can sometimes seem confusing and complicated to beginners.

Attending a live event makes it easier to learn directly from those who have been there and done that. You will be able to ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback.

To see the schedule of up-coming Freedom Workshops around the world, please