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Pixel Studio FX

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I know that I have rattled on a bit about the folly of buying everything in sight convinced that somewhere you will find a product that offers an answer to your marketing problems while promising to make you a millionaire over-night.

However, it is equally true to say that there are certain tools that can offer real assistance when you are building your business, and although there is a great push to out-source, personally I do not have the money and if I can do something myself, I would prefer to do so. A couple of times, I have used Fiverr for small jobs and there is always a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing. I have ended up with a job that has been less than satisfactory. It takes a bit of experience to instruct the person doing the work so that there are no misunderstandings and I obviously need a bit of practice. In the meantime, I will keep on picking up the odd tool that I think will be useful.

The Importance of Product Presentation

We all know now, that product presentation is all important when putting a new item on the market. Having the right cover on an eBook or a cool box for a video pack, can mean the difference between success and failure.

Trying to create any type of product packaging can be a frustrating nightmare, though and expensive as well.

You can try meeting the challenges of professional design tools that are far more technical than you need for what appears as a simple task. You can scrounge around, hacking PLR graphics bundles. Either way, you will end up feeling dissatisfied with a  job that is less than satisfactory.

The Problems with Out-Sourcing

As mentioned above, you could try outsourcing if you are time-poor and if you lack skills and tools. This can become costly, though, especially if you intend to conquer the world as product creation guru.

Then there are those constant problems associated with design briefs that are misunderstood. The frustrations of posting projects in several sources. Choosing, interviewing and hiring the right designer who seems sympathetic to your ideas but isn’t. Messages back and forth, in and out, up and down.A hellish experience.

And that is why this gaping hole in the market for a simple, reliable tool that is under your control, that you can easily use and which does just this  needs to be filled!

Introducing: Pixel Studio FX!

  • It creates fabulous cover designs.
  • You do not have to max out your credit card to buy it.
  • It is not offering dozens of features that you will never use.

It is a tool that has only one purpose – to create fantastic eCovers – cheaply, quickly and simply better than you or any one you out-source can.

Previous attempts to do this have not been long-lived. They never seemed quite up to the task. Many featured out-of-date designs  that seemed almost ‘retro’. Even those decent ones that are still around are not so hot.

A specialist tool was needed, dedicated to just the one task – creating eCovers that you would be proud of. ECovers that you could actually market to the commercial world and use on your own products.


Let’s take a look at what it can do…


  • Hundreds of themes displayed  by category.
  • Easy selection of design and product style.
  • Cloud based technology so no installation issues.
  • 3D versions over a range of products from DVDs, reports, Videos….

How does it work?

When you log in, you will see available designs divided into categories. Choose the one you like, click on it and choose your product style. There are approximately 250 design templates over 20 categories.

Quote from blurb:

“Now it’s time to make it your own. First, you give the project a title, then you can literally add text, clip art, images, backgrounds and reposition and resize each element exactly how you want it.

Once you’re done, you simply preview your design, and it will show you what it will look like once you save it. Automatically, it turns your flat design into a 3d cover, based on the template you chose earlier. You can even choose to add a reflection or shadow too. And there’s also a social share option too, which would be great for running ads or doing a teaser prelaunch for your next book or product!”

So – there you are.
Easy-peasy and fast. Faster than trying to teach yourself Photoshop in a half-hour session!

I like:

  • That it is Cloud based.
  • That no tech skill  needed.
  • That it works for newbies up…
  • That it is easy and quick.
  • The beautiful templates.
  • The comprehensive range of 3D cover models.
  • Ability to save designs.
  • Just the whole ‘simplicity’ thing.

No like

I need to have used the product more often before I can answer this fully. So far, it all seems good, but after more in-depth use,  I may discover features that could be improved in some way.


Pixel Studio FX answers a couple of the niggling problems that beset both new-comers and experienced small business-owners who like to ‘do their own thing’. Firstly, how to overcome a lack of technical knowledge and secondly, how to save money. The range of good templates available, the limited editing options and the push-button technology, make for an excellent out-come. With 95% of the work done and the creative side of things taken care of, this efficient design tool will churn out quality covers with minimum fuss.
If out-sourcing does not appeal and if more technical software is not an option, Pixel Studio FX must surely be the answer to anyone’s prayer. It certainly is to mine!

The standard of the packaging of digital products is often the difference between success and failure when it comes to sales.  Here is a way that anyone can ensure that their product meets  a professional standard without incurring the matching professional costs.

e coversIf you do not want to hire designers and are not in the market for expensive and complicated software and design tools that are often difficult and time-consuming to master, then Pixel Studio FX is an obvious choice for you. Add this to your arsenal of tools and you can save money and time while creating awesome, professional-looking  eCovers that you will be proud to call your own.

Now, here is a handy extra. 

In addition to the main software and at no extra cost, there is a program called “Cash Palette”

Blurb again:

“This includes a “Job Finder” software and training which shows you exactly how to make money online by providing design services to others.

“The “Job Finder” software saves time and automatically finds profitable design jobs online, which you can then fulfil using Pixel Studio FX. (You can find jobs that pay you up to $700 just for designing a cover!)”

Suddenly, this product’s scope has broadened into a very clever money-making opportunity! It’s value has gone up as you now have a source of income – you can offer a design service that is well sought after. The training is not difficult, so WOW – go to it!

My final comment:

I think that Pixel Studio FX is a really useful tool that takes the mystery out of a job that most of us need to do for ourselves, saving both money and inconvenience. The fact that you can also develop a profitable business around it, is a fantastic bonus.

Anyway – It’s FUN!