When you are just starting online, you will need to consider the business products you will need to help you run your business efficiently.

How much money you want to spend will depend on just what you want to do and at first, you will find many services can be obtained at little or no cost. However, just as in the ‘real’ world, you do get what you pay for, so if you are serious about this business of yours, you will eventually have to ‘bite the bullet’ and buy some quality product.

I guess that for our purposes, ‘product’ can be divided into 3 categories (alright, everyone will have their own ideas about this) and here they are.

  • Bright, shiny objects
  • ‘Picks and Shovels’
  • Digital Information

Bright, shiny objects (largely unnecessary business products)

Every day, as an internet marketer, you will be bombarded with emails (on average 147 each day) trying to sell you something. Usually these are from other internet marketers! It could be a new report, an e-book, a plug-in for WordPress or a piece of software that will turn your web-site into a millionaire’s playground over-night. A great number of these offers will be RUBBISH. There will, however, be some treasures. You will soon learn how to sort them out.

The aim is to convince you that you NEED what they are offering so badly, that you will frizzle up and fade away if you do not make the purchase. They will quote ‘gurus’ who have made millions in the last 6 days since installing this software. They swear that without it failure would have been their lot. They will pull out every stop (get it now before – the price rises, we sell out, the price rises again, we sell out again – ) to make you jump in and hit that Paypal button.

Now here’s the secret. EVERY internet marketer on the planet has been sucked into this funnel on multiple occasions before eventually seeing sense. Every one of us has dozens of bits of software filed away that we have never even opened, let alone used. Much of it would have been out-of-date within a few months of purchase, either no longer on trend or superseded by a newer model. On the face of it, this is nothing to be ashamed of. It seems to be a rite of passage, this magpie-inspired collecting of objects we KNOW are going to be the one thing that will ‘make the difference’ and will usher in our eventual suc

Picks and shovels  (necessary business products)

These are the things that you need to build and maintain your business – and you will get emails and see advertisements for this stuff too. Here, we can include companies that offer services such as domain purchases and registration, web-hosting, autoresponders for handling your mailing lists, tracking programs, web platforms, back-up systems and the list grows…

At first, you may be able to use a suitable free program of which there are many. However, once you start growing and your needs become more complex you will  find that free programs do not offer all the facilities you need and you will have to spend more money

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Digital Information (necessary business products if you are serious)

This is what I am all about. In my book, one of the fabulous things about the internet is the opportunity for easy access to education. Did you know that major universities are on the brink of offering complete degree courses online? And as I write, a new Internet Marketing College is about to open in Arizona, USA. This is a first as the curriculum has been designed by professors and specialists from the University of Phoenix. It is aimed at people with careers outside of Internet Marketing who want to use IM to enhance their own businesses.

As a new and hopefully, serious, marketer, you should be reading voraciously. Books on personal development, the entrepreneurial mind-set, marketing, traffic generation, advertising – you name it – you should be reading about it. You should also be investing in courses, and attending live events. You will learn from the top performers in your field while meeting like-minded colleagues who will help you progress in your business.

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(Having said that – be careful not to get bogged down in learning and reading. Remember – the best learning is done through experience. Nothing beats action! More of that later, though.)