Hi there!  I’m Barbara Moss, owner of jomosslondon.com and clevercomposting.com

about jomoss londonHave you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Why can’t I make money with my blog?
  • What is internet marketing all about?
  • Why should I bother?
  • Can I make money on-line? I have tried everything. Why can’t I make some money?
  • Do I really need a list? It is all so confusing. Do I have to do all these things if I am to be successful?

If you have, ‘WELCOME! – you HAVE come to the right place.’

I started this web-site to help those who, like myself, have come to the internet rather later in life and who have difficulty getting their head around the ‘whole’ picture. A less than keen memory does not help either.

You may have had some online experience, but it has been defined by your work or your interests. You know – in an office – just entering addresses or figures on a spread sheet. Very often, the result is a ‘blinkered’ view of what goes on in the internet world. You see only what you have seen and have little idea of the vast potential that is on this virtual plate available for you to sample. Most of my training took place while playing Lara Croft – Tomb Raider – bless  her.

At jomosslondon, we believe that being able to earn a living on-line is one of the most exciting  innovations in both the business world and in our world too.  We are convinced that as time passes more and more people will be working online, either at home, or while travelling the world, unconcerned about having to turn up at a physical address each day.

Thousands of individuals who would never have been able to afford it, now have the opportunity to own their own business. Best of all, those of us who have reached the age of retirement  now have a real chance of supplementing whatever paltry amount we have been able to save, allowing us to enjoy a bit of luxury or even leave something for the family or the cats’ home (if that is the way we play).

As in the ‘real’ world, the virtual world offers many careers and there are many different paths to take. Do not make the mistake of thinking that ‘making money on-line’ is just one single opportunity with one set of rules. It just ain’t so easy.

You need to check all the options and carefully choose what best suits you, your skills and your interests.

Once you have made your choice, you may find it more straight-forward than you think.

I am not a professional coach, nor am I a teacher (at least not of marketing). But I have spent a year or three playing around on the internet and I have had my problems which to a greater degree I have solved with generous help from friends I have made on-line. What I can do for you,  is listen to your problems with first-hand understanding and one way or another,  I can help guide you to a resolution.

You will find loads of straight-forward, basic information and discussion about internet marketing, including…

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • What to learn
  • Where to learn
  • Different systems
  • Different programs
  • Different job opportunities

You will also find information and tips on getting Traffic, Building a List, Marketing, using Social Media  and other skills that you need in most

We have top rated courses, offering training in developing a small business which are valuable whether you are internet marketing or you own a traditional bricks and mortar operation. These will be help you to unravel this, at first, unbelievably confusing world

We have a Facebook Fan Page where you can catch up with new ideas and ask questions.

We have a list of our Business Partners  – programs where we ‘learn and earn’ while developing our businesses.

Finally, you can sign up for our regular up-dates and receive our free booklet which addresses one of the main reasons that internet marketers do not succeed in their chosen career.

Thank you for visiting us.

barbara mossBarbara and her husband are living in the UK having moved there from New Zealand 3 years ago. She is fulfilling her  dream, gardening, reading, and studying Internet Marketing. She also visits gardens, maintains her web-site on composting, is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and travels when able. She is now working on jomosslondon.com hoping to offer some clarity to would-be marketers when they first start on-line. Previously, her life included raising a family, teaching, owning a cafe and several shops and eventually developing and managing a ‘chain’ of opportunity shops for her local Hospice. Definitely the best job of the lot!


“A little more sun would be good.”