Building a Business Online

Who is this website for?

This website is for those people who are new to this game and who have heard how easy it is to start building a business online, making truck-loads of money immediately.  🤣


This website is for you and for me and for all the rest of us who, after a lifetime of raising our children and watching them grow into amazing adults, have somehow got entangled in this world wide web.

And what a web it is - invigorating, illuminating, inspirational, educational, it is also full of lies, deceit and inhumanity.

We need to understand and enjoy the good bits!  

For the first time, anyone, with the most basic of resources, has an opportunity to attain a state of financial and personal freedom. We no longer need to be held back by those who think we are unable to perform because we are over 'a certain age' and we no longer need to feel constrained by our place of birth or our position in 'society'. If we are - truthfully - it is often a problem for which we are responsible and we need to deal with it.

"WE are placing these limitations on ourselves."

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YES! We can ‘cut the mustard’. Good luck and here’s to the next cruise.

We offer courses, tools and books to help you get underway. No pressure, no stress, no question too small




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